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On January 9, 2020 after being a mom for twenty-one years and nine months; if you count carrying your precious baby for nine months. My beautiful twenty year old daughter was murdered three days before her twenty first birthday in such a merciless and horrfic manner, that I started to have really bad nightmares leading to insomnia, anxiety, grief, emotional pain and as well as nany other symptoms. I remember when I had just had my daughter as a teenager, I had severe post partum depression and had been placed on Celexa and swore that I would never take antidepressant medication again, as they left me without emotions, sympathy or empathy. I did my research and found Dr. Fox and the Woodstock Medical Marijuana Office, and this is where I believe I started on a path to some decrease in my symptoms and healing. My first introduction to Dr. Fox, left me feeling as if I had known him for years, he took the time to meet with me and explain all there was to know about his services. He took the time to know me and my problems, and to offer his condolences and his words of comfort. The entire staff, conducted themselves with such professionalism and courtesy. The entire process was easy and hassle free. I started using the products after the official card was given to me by the State of Florida and found that I had my first night sleep without nightmares and without constantly jumping up, out my sleep in fear and panic. I even had to call and request for Dr. Fox to reevaluate my dosing as I had some breakthrough emotional distress and he and his staff did it within hours. Since starting this program four months ago, I have seen improvement in my mental health, I have seen true results and success with overcoming insomnia and nightmares. I love the products and I love the ability to have Dr. Fox and his staff, just a phone call away to help me through it all. I truly, do not know how to get over the death of my babygirl, but I can tell you with the help of Dr. Fox and his team, i am going through the pain and all the emotions, in a much healthier manner. Thank you so much for what you do. I appreciate you all and thank you for helping me.
I was a normal active healthy 27-year-old, until I was not. In 2017 I noticed I had blurred vision and a reoccurring headache. Thankfully I wear contacts and thought it was time to get a stronger prescription. Little did I know I was having my first MS flare up. After meeting with my Eye Doctor things moved fast, I saw an ophthalmologist, was rushed to get an MRI and then was told I would have to admit my self to the hospital. After 5 days at Advent Health and what felt like a million test I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I left the hospital confused and with a bagful of prescription medications. After a year and half, I had many new MS symptoms, numbness, twitching, headaches, double vision. I had never experienced these symptoms before being diagnosed. After looking into the 8 different prescriptions I was on, including my 3 days a week injection, I soon realized that a lot of these symptoms were side effects for the many medications they put me on. I then started to investigate Medical Marijuana. Luckily, MS was at the top of the list for a recommendation. I spoke with my neurologist and told her I wanted to slowly get off some of the medications I was taking. I met with Dr. Fox and was given the prescription to start using medical marijuana. Since then I have had no MS relapses, no numbness, no twitching, no headaches, no double vision. I am off ALL my medications other than the injection I take 3 days a week and the marijuana. I first started using medical marijuana before I would take my daily walk. Well, I had so much energy that my walks became runs and I eventually signed up for my first half marathon! (PS before I was diagnosed if you saw me running that meant someone was chasing me!!) I finished my first half marathon (that’s 13.1 miles FYI) under 4 hours with the help of a Surterra oil pen. Medical Marijuana has helped keep me symptom-free now for 3 years and I am feeling better than I ever have before. I have always head about “the runners high” I guess I just needed to get high to run and the runners high and medical marijuana kept me going!
Hello, I am a 100% disabled Navy Veteran. I suffer with PTSD & anxiety, Severe migraines, Cluster headaches and arthritis in my feet. I have taken several different medications over the years including injections and Botox for my headaches to no avail. I have never been a marijuana user and after my last cluster headache attack that lasted from the end of February through the beginning of April with no relief, I became desperate, so I reached out to Woodstock Medical Doctors. When I initially reached out to the office, I was greeted with absolute kindness and respect and I was explained to at that time that I was making a really great choice for contacting their office and that they had an absolute great doctor that would be able to assist me with any questions that I may have in regards to pain management. Unfortunately, my appointment was during the shut down due to the pandemic, the staff at this location was extremely helpful and assisted me with any questions that I may have had while awaiting my appointment. When I met Dr. Fox, I was extremely impressed. He was truly knowledgeable and made me comfortable in choosing the medical marijuana route. This is by far one of the most professional office/ staff that I had the opportunity to have met. Thank you so much for your help and your support! In scoring this office from a 1- 10, I would absolutely give this office a 10 hands down! Thank You!
A year ago I was hospitalized with anxiety. The meds they gave me fogged up my head and all I wanted to do was sleep. MMJ helps with my anxiety so much that I only take my Xanax if I’m away from home and can’t smoke. I find that while I still need to take pain meds, they work better with MMJ. Muscle relaxers all give me side effects. The MMJ also helps with that. Some think that it removes all pain. I don’t think so—at least it doesn’t with me. But at 73, with anxiety and depression, it often makes a day, when I just don’t want to get out of bed, a day worth living. I’m not much of a writer (if I wrote my life story I’d be rich). But, I do find that with less pain and fewer muscle spasms, I am able to do my housework and cooking with a better outlook and general feeling of being ok.
I am a single mom with children ages ranging 10-24 and have a highly demanding job where I support a fairly large organization with critical business projects. Life is great, for the most part. But there are days when I am completely overwhelmed, stress levels pick up, anxiety kicks-in, my blood pressure rises and debilitating migraines take over. When COVID started, I was tasked with managing major labor changes which required about 12-15 hours of intense work for days on out. I tried to maintain composure and avoided “breaking” for the sake of my family. I struggled with sleeping, concentrating, and maintaining a healthy mood. It was then that I reached out to Woodstock. The staff was very helpful and the overall process was easy. Dr. Fox was very pleasant to work with. I hadn’t tried marijuana in years and was fairly new to understanding all of the different options available. I also had a great experience at a local dispensary. They recommended different things (some for night time, some day time), provided me with handouts where I can track my experience with each, and even had courtesy check-in calls. I’m not a daily user, but since I started medicating I haven’t had a single migraine. My stress factors haven’t changed, but my overall state of mind and wellbeing has improved. I’m able to sleep and actually feel rested. I’ve incorporated daily meditation and can tell you that co-workers and family have started to comment and notice my overall wellbeing. I’m also not sure if there is a direct association, but worth pointing out; all three of my kids had COVID-19. I’m a momma bear and didn’t follow CDC nor doctor guidelines and I was very close to them all while they were ill. Despite doctor assumptions that I would catch it since it’s so contagious, I never caught it. On the flip side, my biggest struggle is openly medicating while my children are around. They know I medicate, but I try to stay away from them while I do. I struggle with the younger ones understanding the benefits of medicinal marijuana. I’ll gladly take recommendations on that subject. Thanks for all you do! Wishing you all good health.
Ever since I can remember I've always struggled with anxiety and insomnia. As the years went by, it got progressively worse around college and that's when I sought medical help. Although the medications helped, the side effects caused other problems which felt worse at times. A few years ago when medical marijuana finally became legal for medical purposes in Florida, I decided to get licensed and experiment with attempting to phaze out my current medications. Within a week or so I was able to severely reduce my anxiety and insomnia with very minimal usage of prescriptions, and within a month I was able to stop taking all relevant medications all together save medical marijuana. Although I didn't start with Dr. Fox initially, ever since I did I always feel like he cares to follow up and address any concerns I may have. The previous doctor I had made me feel like I was just another number to him, but Dr. Fox makes me feel like a person. My quality of life has exponentially improved, and I can't even think of what my life would be like without medical marijuana or Dr. Fox and his office!
The pain is gone so I can sleep at night. I had pain on right side from stroke 10 years ago. Finally have relief and speech better, cause I have aphasia. Thank You!
Wonderful office. The girls are friendly and very helpful with information on procedures. The doctor was very friendly and understanding of our needs.
We arrived quickly from west Boca and were received by very friendly and helpful staff. The doctor was very kind and attentive. We would recommend the service.
Great office. Great staff. As a transferring patient from another state this couldn’t have been made easier by anyone else. Would highly Recommend to anyone.
I found Woodstock on Google and completed a inquiry form. The turnaround time was quick. I was able to make an appointment for the next week. The day before the appointment, which was a Sunday, I received a confirmation call.
Everyone at Woodstock Medicinal has been fantastic. The office staff is well informed and friendly. Dr. Fox was very focused on explaining the treatment option and helping me find the best options.
Dr Fox and his staff were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Very friendly and efficient. Filled out my online information after hours to the best of my ability and received a call the next morning. Was able to make an appointment for that day.
Lovely staff and very thorough service. The physician is extremely well educated and very respectful of the laws and procedures that enable this group to provide exceptional patient care.
I am so happy I made this decision to come and visit Dr Fox today. The very sweet receptionist actually made me so comfortable that I drive straight here today.
The office is small and new but in a beautiful medical office space. The staff was extremely kind and helpful. Dr Fox is thorough and passionate about what he does.
Great place. Understanding, kind and caring Doctor and staff.
Very impressed. Friendly staff and doctor was great!
Brittany very helpful. patient. Dr. Fox explained and answered all my questions. A pleasant visit.
Super friendly staff and very knowledgeable and helpful! Made it easy and comfortable. Compassionate.
The meeting was absolutely fantastic. The information was outstanding and the customer service from everyone was second to none.
Dr Fox. I came to you for advice on my quality of life. After explainIng to you my health conditions ( neuropathy over 10 years, a freak accident I had giving me back and spine issues ,& anxiety and other issues ) I needed pain relief with out the the pills(opioids) or exspensive treatments Ect. You explained the benefits of medical marijuana. How they had helped you ,and how they could help me . I took your advice and since I started useing the advice ( sept19) I’ve seen me sleeping much better feeling less discomfort it’s been a winning situation so far and I am glad I came to your office for advice. Thanks Doc..
Woodstock Medicinal Doctors has completely and positively changed my life. Dr. Fox is a wonderful listener and a top-notch doctor. He provides expert advice on marijuana and the multiple ways it can treat my symptoms. Before finding Woodstock Medicinal and Medical Marijuana, I had depression, anxiety, and felt like I did not have control over my life in many aspects. This was due to very bad stomach issues. I have now been a patient with them for a couple of months, and my anxiety has totally subsided. Everyone in my family has told me they notice a positive difference in my mood and behavior. The service is spectacular, and whenever I have questions they are promptly answered on the phone or email. I would highly recommend Woodstock Medicinal Doctors to anyone looking for the highest quality cannabis doctor in South Florida!
In 2017 I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Over the course of 2 years I endured radiation, surgery and chemo. By the end of 2019 my cancer had progressed to stage 4 and moved to my lungs. I had been given pain medication but it didn't really help. After several google serches I happened to call Woodstock medicinal in Jupiter. The staff was so helpful and got me in to see Dr. Fox within the week. The staff assisted me in gathering any and all paperwork needed with detailed information for my initial visit. They were very discrete and kind and answered all my questions...even though I asked several of them more than once I'm sure. My visit with Dr. Fox was informative and so many options were presented to help ease my pain and get my quality of life back to near normal. I have used pills and ointment, transdermal patches and several different modalities. All of them and Dr. Fox and his staff and given me hope and improved my quality of life immensely! Thank you Woodstock medicinal and medical marijuana and especially Dr. Fox and his staff!
I have been an extremely anxious person for as long as I can remember, and it is very hard for me to talk about my issues. I found Woodstock Medical and I finally felt heard. I’ve needed help for past trauma for a while now, but most medical professionals have diverted me elsewhere, making me feel uncomfortable talking about my issues. Dr. Fox and his staff were extremely helpful from the first call. For somebody who has high anxiety, they made the process extremely easy and stress free. I could tell Dr. Fox is incredibly knowledgeable and has put forth the research of medical cannabis and his staff truly believe in the medicine with him. Since I’ve become a patient, I’ve felt better than ever. I’m more confident in everything I do and have more focus than I’ve ever had in my life. Mental health is important, and I don’t think enough people take medical marijuana seriously when it becomes apart of the discussion. Ever since I’ve began treatment, I feel comfortable in talking about my brain health and have moved forward in the recovery process. Dr. Fox is as professional as they get when it comes to this line of medicine, and if you’re thinking about starting the process, look no further! I would recommend Woodstock Medicine to anybody interested in medical cannabis and its benefits. Not only will you come out feeling better, but knowledgeable about your decision.

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