As marijuana becomes more widely accepted as a tool for pain relief, relaxation, and providing a more natural medicine there is going to be an equal amount of misinformation about medical marijuana. While we are strong believers in promoting the good that marijuana brings we want to make it very clear that we want people to have a place they can go to and get the correct information about medicinal marijuana.

Based in Orlando, we provide a place for people to get facts about medicinal marijuana. Our treatment clinics are meant for you to not only gain the ability to purchase medicinal marijuana but also learn about the benefits of medicinal marijuana. We offer free patient seminars for this purpose.

These seminars will give you the facts about medicinal marijuana and what its true benefits are and whatever potential downsides there are. We want medicinal marijuana users to be safe and that means knowing everything they possibly can about this medicine they are going to be consuming.

A big part of why Dr. Fox trusts medicinal marijuana is because it helped him with his own chronic health conditions, and he wants to take that appreciation and use it to help others.

Why people turn to medicinal marijuana

People turn to medicinal marijuana when traditional medicine and doctor visits do not have the same benefits for them that it has for others. Whether it is a case of chronic pain, a medical condition that traditional means haven’t helped with, anxiety, or chemotherapy there are plenty of sick people that seek out medicinal marijuana because they want to try something else.

Medicinal marijuana is great because many of these same people mention that when they began taking it they saw a reduction in many of their symptoms. Those with chronic pain say they have a reduced pain level and people with anxiety claim it helps them not be overcome with thoughts and anxiety attacks.

These people see it as a means to help them with conditions that doctors in the past have been unable to help them solve. Despite everything we know about medicine and the human body there is still so much more to learn. Until we learn more why not turn to something that many are claiming has helped them?

Medical marijuana has even been approved by the FDA with certain strains of it for cases like chemotherapy and there are some areas in the United States that have approved of it as a recreational drug that can be purchased as a consumer item.

What are some common ways it helps

The most common way medicinal marijuana is used for help is in chronic illness or pain. Some of these are conditions such as lupus or Crohn’s disease or it can be something hopefully temporary such as chemotherapy. There are even some cases where people in hospice have medicinal marijuana to reduce the pain before they eventually pass on.

The key in all of these is the anti-inflammatory properties that marijuana has and can be used as a benefit for patients. As a relaxant, it can help relax the body and dull the pain sensors in your body thus creating a feeling of less pain and more comfort.

In some of the more extreme cases, medicinal marijuana can help people that originally couldn’t function due to pain be able to live normal lives again. They take a dosage that is just enough to gain all of the benefits of medicinal marijuana without having any of the “high” that it is associated with and in some cases can cause impairment.

It is important to always be responsible with medicinal marijuana as like any medicine it is a drug. You would not overuse pain killers or cold medicine and you do not want to overuse medicinal marijuana as well. As medicinal marijuana doctors, we can help you find the right dosage that will lead to you being able to take control of your life again and stop letting whatever illness or pre-existing condition is impairing you. We shouldn’t have to just sit around and deal with pain when there are methods out there that so many people have claimed helps them.

Why we believe in medicinal marijuana

We believe in medical marijuana because we have experience with its benefits ourselves. Dr. Fox had a chronic illness before that was taking over his life. It was not allowing him to live the life that he wanted to live. So he turned to medicinal marijuana to help him get back on his feet.

A retired Vascular Surgeon, Dr. Fox has become a renowned medicinal marijuana doctor that has treated many kinds of conditions. His experience and knowledge has helped him become a trusted figure and someone that patients will trust.

We want everyone that has been in the same shoes as Dr. Fox to know that there is a way back to having a life again. It’s unfair that so many people with anxiety, an untreatable illness, and chronic pain are forced to just have their lives controlled by their conditions. Medicinal marijuana is meant to help these people overcome this and lead happier lives.

Organic and invigorating

Many of our clients love the invigorating feeling that medical marijuana fills them with. They not only claim that daily aches and pains that have plagued them for their entire life disappear, but that they are also filled with more vibrant energy.

This energy is an effect of the positives that medical marijuana can have in your daily life. When your life is greatly improved, because the ailments that have plagued you are gone, then everything else just feels and looks better. Food is better. Your outlook on life is more positive. 

Many of our patients come back to us and tell us about how much their lives have improved after they have gone down the path of medical marijuana. It has not only improved their health, but helped them just have a better life as a whole. We love to see this in our patients because it tells us that we are doing the right thing. We are making a difference in the world for them.

We of course will always make sure that what we are giving you is enough for you and only you. We treat each patient with care and as individuals. 

Contact information

If you are tired of letting your condition control your life then consider medicinal marijuana. If you don’t like it after trying then there is no reason you have to continue, but we want you to at least give it an attempt. So many people have had their lives changed by this and we want to see you back and on your feet. Take your life back from your condition and live the way you want to.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of medicinal marijuana then call us at one of our four locations to set up an appointment or set one up through the online contact form. We would love to bring you in for a free seminar to help better inform you about the benefits and drawbacks of medicinal marijuana.

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