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At Woodstock Medicinal Doctors of Florida, we understand that there are many patients in need of treatments involving medical marijuana. We are highly committed to providing those individuals with the medical marijuana treatment certification and ID card required, so that they can legally use medical marijuana. In fact, it is not only a commitment for us but a passion, to see to it that the masses are educated about the benefits of medical marijuana and that all in need are assisted.

About Casselberry, FL

Located in Seminole County, Florida, Casselberry covers an area of barely over 7.5 square miles. With a population in excess of 26,240, from 1945 to 1954, Casselberry was the home to Seminole Speedway. The Speedway hosted motorcycle racing, modified, and stock-car racing. For the nature lover, there are an abundance of parks in Casselberry, including Veterans Memorial Park, Sunset Park, Sunnytown Park, Red Bug Lake Park, Lancelot Park, Dew Drop Park, Crystal Bowl Park, and many more. Inventor and Australian born actress Hedy Lamar resided here for a time.



Do You Qualify for Medical Marijuana in Casselberry?

Whether you live in south Florida, northern Florida, or somewhere in between, before you can get any kind of access to cannabis, you must obtain a medical marijuana certification. Why use medical marijuana? It can help treat a plethora of conditions including the following: ulcerative colitis, Tourette’s, sickle cell anemia, severe nausea, seizures, osteoarthritis, Hep C, Lyme disease, and more. Florida’s Amendment 2, since 2016, has made the use of medical marijuana in Florida perfectly legal. But to qualify in Florida, you must receive an official medical diagnosis.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Certification in Casselberry

At Woodstock Medicinal Doctors of Florida, we make it easy for you to obtain medical marijuana certification in Casselberry, Florida. We have 4 locations in Florida that you can visit:



  • 6735 Conroy Windermere Rd Suite 312

    Orlando, FL 32835

  • 407-965-5967




  • 13940 US Highway 441 Building 200 – Suite 206

    Lady Lake, FL 32159

  • 352-729-3187




  • 3662 SW 30th Ave

    Palm City,

    FL 34990

  • 561-227-9163




  • 1080 E Indiantown Road

    Suite 204

    Jupiter, FL 33477

  • 561-227-9163


Pick one of the above locations, schedule an appointment, and pay us a visit. The entire process of certification will be explained to you by our medical marijuana doctors as well as helping you to manage your health condition. You’ll be informed as to what to expect from the use of medical marijuana.

Our doctors will perform an official medical diagnosis once you are clear about how you can be assisted through its use. This will help determine whether or not you qualify. If you do, with our help, you can then apply for a marijuana ID card and register.

You’ll receive your medical marijuana ID after you’ve successfully registered. This should come through the USPS. You can proceed to fill your order after receiving your card. This can be done at a local dispensary or an approved medical marijuana treatment clinic.

Last but not least – make a follow-up appointment at Woodstock Medicinal Doctors of Florida. To offer encouragement for your follow-up, we offer them for free. That’s not something that most certifying physicians do! But the use of cannabis and how it’s helping your health progress can be better monitored through follow-ups.

Get Your MMJ ID with the Help of Woodstock Medicinal Doctors of Florida Today!

Are you considering finding a way to access medical marijuana in Casselberry, Florida? If so, let us help you. So far, we’ve assisted more than 6000 patients with applications, registrations, and certifications. They have now successfully obtained their MMJ ID cards. You can, too.

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